“If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?”

-A quote belonging to Percy Shelley.

Every year, seniors in my old high school choose a quote they would like placed under their photo in the yearbook- this was mine. I wish I could say that I chose this one after much deliberation and thought as to how I could best represent my outlook in life, or even that it was because Shelley was my favorite writer, but the answer is no to all of that. Actually, at that time, I didn’t even like Shelley’s writings (sorry).  The truth is that this quote was chosen because I had waited until the last minute, Shelley’s works were in our literature books, and I attended high school way before the “just Google it” era. Looking back, a quote about procrastination would have been much more appropriate!

This quote came to mind yesterday as my son and I enjoyed a walk together around the neighborhood. It has been an unusually cold winter, even for those of us in the Deep South; it was great to see the sun shining and feel its warmth on bare arms, to pass our local playground seeing girls practicing softball and to hear the cracks of the bats connecting with good pitches, to hear the sounds of lawnmowers starting,  to see children playing outside still in their school uniforms so eager to get outdoors they didn’t bother changing clothes, to hear the beautiful sounds of childish laughter from our very youngest neighbors…  the sights and sounds of hope and life were all around us.

I thought of our family and our own long ‘winter ‘with my brother’s life-threatening illness… how dark and cold everything seemed for a while even as prayers were answered daily and hope was always there. I thought of Hank working so hard with physical therapy to return home to his beautiful wife and of her immeasurable strength, faith, and love.  

And now, there is the glorious promise of spring coming! Although winter is not over yet, the glimpses of warmth we see and feel let us know that it won’t last forever. There is still work ahead as we clear away the debris harsh weather and tough times have left behind, but we know that there is new growth coming with strong roots of love.   


2 thoughts on ““If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?”

  1. Loved the stories! So glad your writing. Takes the reader right there with you! Jennifer said you blessed her day. Glad to hear Hank is home. We have had more snow! Unusual winter. Come for a weekend. Bring bike ! Love., Beth

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