Our last breath

We don’t know when it will happen, where we will be, or who (if anyone) will be with us when it comes. What we can do is make good use of the breaths that we take now by uttering words of kindness, love, support, and encouragement instead of anger, disappointment, admonishment, and hurt. The last conversation that we have with someone may be the last and we don’t want to look back on it with regret.


2 thoughts on “Our last breath

  1. I sooooo needed this reminder today. Thank you, thank you. How can I thank you?? (ps. here’s one concrete way. Thank you for coming to my blog, so I could retrace your breadcrumbs (yeah, too much Hansel & Gretel) back to all of this wonder. What a treasure, this blog. Following immediately.

    • Ah, Stephanie, thanks so much! You have truly made my day very happy- and Hansel and Gretel is a pretty cool story 🙂 Thank YOU for stopping by. I really enjoy your writing a lot! Ashleigh

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